Employee Engagement and Motivation

Are you looking to build a highly motivated workforce, where everyone is energised, thriving and fully engaged, readily giving discretionary effort? Are your teams purposeful and aligned? Do your leaders know what motivates them, their colleagues and staff?

Research proves that a highly-engaged workforce performs 50% better:‘Engaging Hearts and Minds’ report by Hay Research Group (2015).

Tapping into the energy that will ignite the fire within an entire workforce eludes most organisations. The missing ingredient in most engagement programmes is motivation – knowing what motivates individuals, teams, departments and the entire organisation.

Motivational Maps help individuals, teams and organisations understand what makes them tick, so you know how to ignite the fire within.

Thank you FPG for an extremely useful session. It is a great tool to develop our self-awareness and open up conversations with others. Our own motivations dictate what we spend our time on at a subconscious level and Motivational Maps brings these to the forefront. Carole was supremely agile in responding to questions and we wouldn’t want anything different to improve the session. We also loved the Motivational Map cards, a very simple way to display the information. 



Motivating your entire workforce comes down to empowering people on an individual level. Then you can build your Team Motivation Map and ultimately map your whole organisation.

By identifying the nine different inner motivators that determine how we feel, think and act, Motivational maps can help re-energise a company’s culture and workforce.


Motivational maps help identify the real causes of low individual and team engagement and productivity and what to do about it.

You are provided with detailed reports identifying motivational drivers and measures of specific motivation percentages by individual, by team, by department and for the entire organisation.

You can boost motivation within your organisation with:

  • Motivation master-classes
  • Webinars, podcasts and on-line learning
  • Accrediting internal licensed Motivational Map practitioners, so you manage and map the entire process yourselves.

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