Motivational Maps

Do you want to measure and improve motivation, performance, productivity, communication and engagement? Igniting the fire within individuals, teams or an entire organisation can be one of the most satisfying things you ever do. (You can also make a difference to 10-17 year-olds, with a young person’s Motivational Map).

Creating a highly motivated, energised workplace, where leaders are motivationally intelligent, teams are purposeful, and people are fired up,  willingly giving discretionary effort, is easy to implement and measure using Motivational Maps.

One of only 5 Senior Practitioners of Motivational Maps globally, FPG’s consultants have experience of de-briefing 1,000s of maps and facilitating 100s of team and group sessions. We can create motivation reports, provide 121 and team debriefs, or accredit you to become a licensed Motivational Maps practitioner. (click for more info on accreditation)

Highly Motivated People are:
  • 50% more likely to exceed their performance targets
  • 18% more productive
  • 49% less likely to leave
  • 4.5x revenue growth in organisations with highly engaged employees

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Motivational Maps measure and improve the motivation of individuals, teams and your entire organisation

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Motivational Maps are an ISO accredited self-perception inventory, a practical, dynamic and cost-effective tool for measuring and improving the effectiveness of individuals, teams and organisations. They take only 10 minutes to complete.

Mapping Your Organisational Motivation

If you are seeking to create an empowering culture where people take ownership, the invisible desires of your employees are made visible through the Organisational Motivational Map.

This diagnostic takes motivation to a whole new and strategic level within an organisation. It will tell you if your values, purpose and vision are aligned with what your people want collectively, at each level, deep within the heart of your organisation.

The organisational benefits of using Motivational Maps include improving:

  • employee, productivity and performance
  • change management and people alignment
  • strategic planning: culture, values, vision

They can be used for:

  • recruitment and retention
  • reward strategy and leadership
  • communication and soft skills

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The real benefit for an organisation using Motivational Maps the hard data. You can regularly measure and track performance and engagement of an individual, team or division, by completing another map and comparing before and after results (motivational percentages).

Mapping your Team Motivation

If you want to boost your team performance, productivity and morale, minimise conflict and create a more purposeful team, collaborating effectively to deliver results better and faster, Motivational Maps is ideal.

The benefits to Teams of using Motivational Maps include:

  • team work and productivity
  • knowing each other 
  • common team purpose 
  • reward and retention 
  • measuring motivation and performance
  • communication
  • leadership and conflict management

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Many teams are assembled based on relevant skill sets, what motivates the individuals in the team is rarely considered. Conflicts between individuals are often ascribed to ‘personality’ clashes, these are more often motivational in origin.

  • Every team member receives a personal report and on-line or face-to-face 121 or group debrief
  • Team workshops or webinars range from 45-minutes to 1-day
  • Team leader de-briefs in person or virtually
Mapping Individual Motivation

Do you want to understand what genuinely lights your fire? How to be a better leader? How to make the best career choices? How to improve your soft skills and have positive impact on others?

A personal Motivational Map measures what motivates – and demotivates you – giving you practical, targeted strategies to boost your mojo to sustain high levels of energy and motivation long-term.

Ideal for individual, career and leadership development, benefits are:

  • self-awareness
  • performance
  • business and life choices
  • career management
  • leadership soft skills
  • meaningful future targets 

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  • Complete the on-line questionnaire
  • Get your personal report and on-line or face-to-face debrief
  • Join a workshop or webinar ranging from 45-minutes to 1-day.

At an organisational level, we see that motivational mapping is allowing us to have more comfortable conversations as human beings. We talk about output and what produces output, which is the person, what is driving them, what is motivating them. People understand that managers have to deal with that if they want to get results. It has changed the culture and the language.


How are Motivational Maps different to other tools?


Where a company has already invested in a psychometric such as MBTI or Insights Discovery, Motivational Maps help deepen self-awareness and the tool is seen as a complementary rather than a ‘same as’ tool.


Whereas many tools just provide an individual with information, Motivational Maps collates data across the team, department and whole companies. This enables organisations to get intelligence on what drives its culture, employee engagement, values and more, so they can have more informed and relevant people strategies.


The accessible language of Maps makes it memorable long after the initial feedback is given


Motivational Maps is the only tool on the market which measures motivation.

The John Lewis Partnership, Siemens, Oracle, Novartis, Motorpoint and Ordnance Survey are just a few of the household names who have benefited from using Individual and Team Maps®. 95% of users said their Motivational Map® accurately described their Motivators and 97% found the information useful.

Bottom up

Motivational Maps helps put the employee in the driving seat, by asking “What can I do to increase my own motivation?”


Online learning helps individuals gain a deeper understand of their Map without the need for face to face interventions. This enables organisations to roll out Maps® on a big scale cost effectively.


Maps are priced to make them scalable and so is very competitive.

Easy to use

Within ten minutes, people understand the language of Motivational Maps® and start to use it. 92% of people have confirmed Motivational Maps® are easy to use.

Train the Trainer

As Senior Practitioners we accredit Client Practitioners within organisations. We will license you to use  Motivational Maps, and train you in how to analyse the data and run sessions, provide feedback to individuals, leaders and teams.

We also accredit and train coaches and trainers as Licensed Practitioners, to use Motivational Maps within their own businesses.

Motivational Maps are accredited to ISO/IEC 17065, which certifies and endorses the fact that the Motivational Maps profiling tool provides unbiased accurate data and conformance with the latest legislation.

Motivational Maps deliver highly accurate, affordable and easy to use solutions to help recruit, develop and retain the talent and teams who’ll deliver your business strategy.

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Motivational Maps Youth

Use this for:

  • Creating self-awareness and independent learners
  • Identifying personal and group reward strategies
  • Improving engagement of young people


For young people and those supporting them to transform personal energy into outstanding performance

The Youth Motivational Map is based on the same principles and process as the adult Motivational Map, with revised terminology and strategies to take account a younger person.

In addition to the young person receiving their own 15 page report on what motivates them and how motivated they are, reports are also produced for the parent/guardian and also the mentor/key youth worker. All reports include at least 9 reward strategy ideas to help the young person to motivate themselves further, or in the case of the parent/guardian and mentor reports, to support the young person to improve or maintain their levels of motivation.

The Youth Motivational Map provides the young person with an insight to their motivational drivers. It gives valuable insight to others who can have a significant influence on the young person. It identifies a young person’s core motivations, enabling them to become self-reliant, self-motivated lifelong learners, and enables teachers, youth workers and parent/guardians to develop learning and reward strategies to ensure effective engagement.

Benefits and Outcomes:

  • Enhanced self-awareness
  • Improved communication
  • Increased engagement

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