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Carole Gaskell


Founder & CEO

Inspirational speaker and best selling author, transforming business and leaders.
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Just imagine how dramatically different your life would be if you were free from the tactical running of your business. What amazing change would take place if your team delivered serious results, with minimum input from you? I believe that great leaders do not create followers – they create leaders. They create powerful teams that feel inspired and supported to achieve their full potential. But you have to learn the right tools and techniques to achieve this.

We must identify the power and influence of the self, before moving on to explore how we can ignite and expand the potential of others, and design the environments where your people and business can excel. By establishing a coaching culture throughout your business, the true potential within your people is liberated; they are encouraged to be all they can be, living and working at their personal best, with optimum peace of mind.

Nikki Owen

Nikki Owen

International Charisma Expert

Thought leader, award winning speaker, bestselling author and personal breakthrough coach.
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Her unique and ground-breaking ideas on high performance and authenticity are challenging and inspirational. Nikki has worked with over 2,000 people on a one-to-one basis refining her unique approach and thousands more through her work as a keynote speaker on charisma and personal transformation.

Andrew Wallas

Andrew Wallas

Business Transformation Expert

CEO and founder of The School of Business Alchemy.
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Andrew Wallas is one of the most compelling business gurus in the country. He is a highly successful businessman and an intuitive corporate leader.

He has developed a new form of business alchemy that unearths and diagnoses blocks. As a result, the business’ energy flow is released, and the strategic direction will flow in accordance with desired goals, outcomes and profitability.

Instead of focussing on the outer machinations of your business, Andrew Wallas’ approach explores the hidden internal dynamics, which allows natural growth and success. Once the energy blocks are dealt with in the organisation, leaders and their people will stop inhibiting the energy flow and start moving the organisation forward.

Andre Vermeulen

Dr André Vermeulen

International Neuroscience of Learning Expert

Founding member and CEO of Neuro-Link, a consultancy specialising in the neuroscience of workplace learning.
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Brain-based learning and development, which over years has evolved into the neuroscience of learning, has been his interest and passion for more than 25 years.

André has keynoted numerous international conferences and workshops on neuroscience related topics in countries, including USA, England, Mexico and China.

His brain profile assessments and learning solutions convert knowledge about the neuroscience of learning into practical business tools.

James Sale

James Sale

Motivation and engagement Expert

Creator of Motivational Maps, motivation guru and author.
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James has had over 20 years of intensive experience in training and mentoring people and helping them and their organisations realise their full potential. He is passionate about learning, about sharing, and about others seeing what they can truly achieve. 

His training and mentoring sessions are memorable: they motivate, excite and empower everyone who has the pleasure of experiencing them. James informs, motivates, and entertains, helping you achieve your next level of performance and achievement.

Creativity is at the heart of what he does, and writing is a core part of this.

Paul Matthews

Paul Matthews

Learning Transfer Expert

CEO and Founder of People Alchemy Ltd, a consultancy using innovative tools and technology and resources.
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Paul makes ideas come alive with stories, tips and practical tools everyone can understand.

His vision is to enable capability in the workplace. After more than 16 years of working closely with L&D teams across different sectors and different types of organisation, he brings a wealth of experience and an unbiased approach to analysing and helping to overcome your challenges.

He has authored three bestselling books and is invited to deliver keynotes internationally. His expertise has led to regular speaker appearances at HR and Learning & Development events and exhibitions covering topics such as harnessing the power of informal learning, capability at work, workplace performance, learning transfer, L&D strategy and performance consultancy.

Whatever your L&D challenge, Paul’s approach can unlock the potential of your people and ensure L&D are recognised as heroes.